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Creative Web Content / Social Media Strategies for Small Businesses & Organizations

A metaphor:
Your website development (and more importantly, the way it functions) is like building a top-of-the-line, modern kitchen. However, once the remodeling is done, even with all the new equipment and gadgetry, you still  need a “good cook” to produce a great meal out of it.

Think of me as your website “chef”
I am not a website developer. Rather, I specialize in creative web content and social media strategies that make your website WORK— improving search rankings, building traffic, increasing sales and creating a consistent and relevant online awareness and “buzz” for your businesses or organization.

What is “creative web content?”
My job in working with clients is finding the right way to mine their expertise and passion, and translate that out across the client’s web presence in an authentic and searchable manner. Whether this content comes in the form of informational blog posts, video, engagement with customers, or devising strategies to develop and encourage user-generated content, it will be searchable, referenceable and most importantly, shareable. I back this up with an assessment of your traffic analytics on a regular basis to understand who is visiting your site, and how they found you.

I provide a flexible, ongoing service to make sure your online presence is at the top of the list in organic (unpaid) search for what your clients are looking for and that your site is refreshed with authentic, optimized content that is reflective of your business and what you WANT to be found for—kind of like a sort of interactive yellow pages for the internet age.

Website development
While I am not a developer (I’m more of an information architect and marketing planner), I do work with several separate companies who provide website development—primarily on the WordPress platform—which provides the springboard for the kind of marketing strategy I employ. I will come up with a flexible plan that suits your business and budget, as well as provide the training you need so you can eventually learn how to update your site without having to call up a webmaster. I can also craft an eNews program…the kind of mail to engage your client base that results in outreach they will look forward to receiving rather than something that will end up in the spam filter.

My Services Include:
• Assessment of your goals and your customer/audience profile
• Working with your web developer to construct the functionality you need
• Creative Content Creation & Management
• creating a customized “workbook” and schedule/grid for your ongoing content on the site
• Video short production
• Social Networking strategies
• eNews programs
• Relationship Marketing
• Publicity/PR
• Blog outreach
• Branding & Reputation Management
• Opportunity Scouting
• Inbound Marketing
• Online Ad Campaigns
• Website Optimization (SEO) and improved search result rankings
• Expertise in Apple computers, mobile devices and software
• Mobile app development


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